Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lies That are True

Whatever happened to Jeffery Harrell?

He used to have a great page of stories online and a blog, both of which appear to be AWOL.

His book is here - and I may buy it, because the stories are wonderful.

This appears to be his twitter - which offers no clues to his site's disappearance.

If I can't get some information on the site, I'll have to take it off of my blogroll. Sad face.


plagues said...

That might not even be him. There's some web designer that's working for Paypal with the same name. I've been wondering where this author disappeared to as well.

Sebatinsky said...

I did purchase his book, incidentally. The stories are as good as I remembered, and there is one story that was never published online. I'd go ahead and buy it if you've got the dough - it's a way to get your friends to read some really good stories, and to encourage the author.