Sunday, September 7, 2008

All The Books in the World

A good graphic work here.

I've been getting more into comics and graphic novels, and this story was touching enough to share, if a little simple, a little flat.



abbreviatedman said...
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Lorick said...

I wouldn't describe it as flat.

Anonymous said...

I think it's an awesome and fantastic comic. I loved the story and it made me cry. And it's really well done. I wanted to leave a comment there but I had to sign up first and so, I decided not to. I leave a comment here instead. You have a great blog. :-)


Sebatinsky said...

Lorick - perhaps flat was not the right word. I just got the feeling that the author was looking for a much deeper emotional reaction from the pages than I got. I don't think he could have done much better in the number of pages he had, but it still felt as though he tried for more than he got.

PearTree - I'm glad you liked the story! I'm headed over to check out your blog now.