Sunday, May 4, 2008

CatchMe Drafts

Somebody shot this link my way. The author only has one story up so far, called "Off Guard," but it's a fairly intriguing entry. It's awfully short for a short story, but a bit long for microfiction (about 600 words). Regardless, it's an odd little tale, and I can't quite remember what it reminds me of.

I'm really not certain I agree with the point it makes about love and relationships, but, then again, I'm not certain the author does either, just the protagonist (antagonist? Like I said, it's a confusing little story).

Off Guard


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks to you I found out about the forum on Pages Unbound, even though my stuff was the first to be on there with AE. I totally forgot she was going to do that. Thanks!

Sebatinsky said...

Sure thing, Gavin!
I'm actually really glad that post was helpful, because I kinda thought it was going to be a post that didn't really inform anybody. :)